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About BrandRich: Singapore SEO Company

Brand Rich: Helping You Achieve High Search Engine Rankings

Brand Rich focuses on Marketing your Products or Services Online & Build Your Brand.

For this, we might create an eMarketing Strategy that covers the redesign of your website, search engine optimization (SEO), marketing on the search engines (SEM), email marketing, blogging, online social networking etc. to name a few.

The philosophy behind Brand Rich is that your Brand can make you Rich online, if you know how to position your brand, market it effectively in the right mediums, and provide what the customers perceive of a great value.

We believe that everything starts with the customer. So our eMarketing strategy starts with keeping the customer in the centre, and looking at every touch point, every way to interact, and create a positive experience for the customer, increase visibility, reach, brand awareness, brand loyalty, brand retention, brand recognition, brand experience and become Brand Rich.

Brand Rich was founded by Vinai Prakash in 2005. Vinai has worked in many multinational corporations around the world, and has a vast experience in the fields of Internet Marketing, Electronic Commerce and Business Intelligence. Vinai holds an MBA,specializing in E-Commerce and Internet Marketing, and is a veteran in this field, with experience of over 22 years.
Vinai Prakash from Brand Rich is a Google Adwords  Qualified Individual
Under Vinai's leadership, Brand Rich has grown to a dynamic, customer focused team of individuals who love to do everything to make your brand, your name, your company known, found, and recognised on the Internet & help you generate more sales, more revenue, and improve your ROI from Internet Marketing.

Contact us for working at Your eMarketing Strategy & become a Rich Brand. View the Brand Rich Press Releases.