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Custom Application Design & Development

Ever had the need to create your own Contacts or Marketing database? Wanted to
streamline your paper based processes, perhaps automate the entire workflow and make it into a web form, or a web based application that would cut down on the paper work and make things less cluttered?

What you need is simple database driven web application, completely safe behind your company firewall, and secured with administrator passwords. A custom PHP application development for your department or company use can do wonders - reduce paperwork, time taken to fill paper forms, and increase productivity through streamlined systems and workflow. Contact us for a review of your requirements to get started...

Over the past 5 years, we have developed countless web and database applications for small and medium businesses in Singapore, using ASP, .NET or PHP application languages. And the database can be Access, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server. Some of the applications created by us are:

  1. Patient Management System (PMS) ( in ASP, MySQL)
  2. Student Testing And Registration System (STARS) ( PHP, MySQL database)
  3. Online Travel Booking System ( ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server)
  4. Clinic Billing System (Microsoft Access)
  5. A completely searchable and web based Database Application for Courses in 17 Universities in Ireland. (PHP, MySQL)
  6. Contact Database (PHP, MySQL)
  7. Student Registration System ( PHP, MySQL)
  8. Annual Survey of Customer Satisfaction (PHP, MySQL, Survey analysis charts using Excel 2003 Charting)
  9. Online Shopping Cart for e-Commerce
  10. Course Registration Database
  11. Secure Member Directory and Add/Update Particulars for Membership Database.
  12. Warranty Management System (WMS)
  13. Mind Your Own School ( PHP / MySQL) for managing the students, invoicing, receipts, attendance of a small school or training centre.

Some of our esteemed clients are:

  • Centre for Irish Education
  • Irish Graduates Association of Singapore
  • Ascend Education Centre
  • Beacon School of  Technology
  • Business Rewards Travel Pte Ltd
  • Rehab Asia Pte Ltd
  • Purac Asia Pacific
  • Intellisoft Systems

Most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore request us to create custom online applications from scratch, soStudent Registration Application - Created by that they can have a completely customized process and application based on their requirements. And with these custom applications, they are able to execute their operations better, faster and cheaper. It cuts down the amount of time looking for information, and reduces clutter, paperwork and streamlines the entire work flow.

Contact us today to review your processes, application requirements, and we will be able to advice a simple solution based on your requirements.

Call us at (65) 6296-2995 or (65) 9877-3485 for a quick discussion. Or you can drop us an email at info(at)