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3 Things I Love About Email Marketing

Email Marketing Rocks - 3 Things I love about Email Marketing.
The first thing that I love about Email Marketing is its Speed. Email is instantaneous. The moment I send out a newsletter or promotional offer to my subscribers, I get to see the results. People start to open, read and respond to the email almost […]

Client Based Bulk Email Marketing Software Solutions

In the previous post, I mentioned the Types of Email Marketing Software, and gave you a couple of tools for getting you started with your online email marketing promotions, ezines or newsletters within minutes, thanks to the online, web based email marketing software.
Today, we look at Client Based Email Marketing Software Solutions. This kind of […]

Direct Email Marketing Software

Everyone wants to do email marketing for their business. No questions about its benefits or advantages. The issue most marketers face is that they are not sure which email marketing software to use. There are so many direct or bulk email marketing software solutions to choose from, that you may feel confused or overwhelmed.
Today, I […]