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Everyone wants to do email marketing for their business. No questions about its benefits or advantages. The issue most marketers face is that they are not sure which email marketing software to use. There are so many direct or bulk email marketing software solutions to choose from, that you may feel confused or overwhelmed.

Today, I am going to talk about some of the commercially available email marketing software which is popular among small business in managing and sending regular marketing material to their own, in-house opt-in marketing lists.

Types of Bulk Email marketing Software Solutions
1. The first category of email marketing solutions are simply called “web based solutions“. They don’t require you to install anything on your PC, and you can access them from anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Most of these web based solutions do not require you to pay huge amounts upfront. You simply pay as you use, often monthly, and they start from as low as $9.90 a month.

2. The second category of direct email marketing software is called “client-based” software. These packages require you to pay an upfront fee and buy the software. It often comes as a single user license, although some sell software vendors sell a server license.

The good thing about these client based email marketing solutions is that you only pay for it once. And then you are free to install it on any one PC or Server, and use it as you want. So you can use it forever, without paying any more, but you must do all the work on your own PC or server. You may not be able to access it from elsewhere.

Recently, there has been an introduction of bulk email marketing software which is a server license that you pay for once, and it runs on the web, meaning like a web based solution. This is like having the best of both worlds - you pay for it once, and you can use it from anywhere.

Web Based Email Marketing Software
In this article, let’s talk about the Web Based email marketing solutions. I’ll recommend a couple of good ones, which are considered the best in the industry, so you can try them out. They offer free trials for 15 to 60 days.

1. Constant Contact - This is considered the grand daddy of all web based email marketing solutions. It was a pioneer in this, and is considered the best solution.

They offer a huge number of professionally created templates that can make your e-newsletter or promotional flyer look a work of art.

The free, 60 day trial account gives you the ability to create, test and send out some promotions to upto 50 people free of cost. If you exceed this number, you start to pay, starting with the $9.90 per month kind of package.

This bulk email marketing software solution offers good tracking and bounce management. This means that you can track who opened, read or deleted your email, all in real-time. Further, if an email address does not exist, the software can mark it as inactive, and if the email address is defunct, it is removed automatically from the list.

Direct Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Of course, you can anytime export the list of respondents in Excel or Text file, the same way you can import your list of names and email addresses into the software program.

2. Intellicontact Pro - This is an equally good software package, with a slightly lower starting price, but almost similar features, and is quite reliable. The support is quite fast, and you can get a response to your queries within the same day, all within US time zone.

Complete with templates, email tracking, email creation, management and sending is a breeze. You can get started immediately, and the system automatically send you the best practices and good case studies daily, so that you can maximize your returns and learn email marketing directly from the experts. If you want to send newsletters to subscribers on your web site we recommend using IntelliContact email marketing software.

Tomorrow, we will talk about Client based email marketing software. Meanwhile, let me know what else would you like to be covered, what you like, or don’t like in this blog. You can post a comment to let me know.

Thanks, and Cheers,
Vinai - Your Email Marketing Evangelist

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