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Click Fraud: Can it happen to you?

Beware Advertisers: Click Fraud is For Real
Like most businesses, when I was introduced to Google’s Pay-per-Click advertisement program called Google Adwords, I was overjoyed. No more advertising in costly magazines and journals which hardly generate any leads. Here I only pay when someone is eagerly and actively looking for my product or service.
Too good to […]

Understanding Broad Match Ads in Google Adwords

Vinai, since broad match gives me maximum coverage by using all possible combinations of my keywords, why would anyone need a exact match ad? - Sangeeta Kapur, India.
Sangeeta, Thanks for raising a very important topic. There is a lot of confusion about the different match types, and most new Google Adword users arn’t aware of […]

How to Get More Traffic to your Website?

I have setup a website since last year, but I hardly get any traffic. What should I do to get people to visit my site? - Shawn Humphrey, Sydney, Australia
Great question Shawn. These days it is not difficult to setup a website. People can do it easily. What is more challenging is to generate traffic […]