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MySpace, who moved your cheese?

On the internet-addicted world, trends come and go. There will always be something new, better, bigger and people will always flock to whatever is popular at the moment. Right now, is where it’s happening. What in the world happened to MySpace? For a long time, Myspace was a top dog in the social media […]

Using WordPress as a CMS for Your Professional, SEO Friendly Website

Most people I meet dismiss WordPress quite lightly… they think that WordPress is only a blogging tool, and only for the casual blogger. Which is a shame!
Introducing WordPress:
WordPress has really evolved over the years… and matured. The current 3.0.4 version of WordPress is the best ever. With so much customization, and thousands of customizable plug-ins […]

Cheap Web Hosting Solutions

Over the years at Brand Rich, I have tried many different hosting solutions from cheap web hosting to premium dedicated hostings to virtual private servers (VPS Hosting). Some were lousy, and some turned out be quite good. Some are expensive and some are dirt cheap.
Looking back, the hosting solutions that have stayed with me have […]