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The Google+ Project

And so begins another breakthrough from Google, the Google+ project.
Recently, Google has given Facebook a good reason to be scared. An interactive community believed to be larger and more than just a social product is on its way to introduce a different social networking scene. Though there may be obvious similarities, the Google+ project is […]

Why Blogging is Critical For Growing Traffic?

Most companies are still not aware of this BIG SECRET.
Blogging is Critical to Grow Traffic to Your Company Website
That’s why I wrote a post last week about the Top Tips for Blogging for Business.
According to Studies done by Hubspot, 55% more website visitors come to companies that blog. This is a whopping  number of visitors […]

Top 5 Tips on Blogging for Business

I wrote previously about starting a blog in 2008. Since then, a number of companies and most of our clients have setup their own blogs. But some of them have come back to me with question - that they are not getting much benefit from their blogs. That’s because they are missing out on some […]