About Vinai’s eMarketing Ideas For You

Every blog should have a focus point meant for a specific audience.

The audience of this blog is the small business owner or any person trying to improve on their online marketing efforts. So to imprement the ideas - you must have a website, a blog or any online business model.

My focus is to bring small eMarketing ideas that you can implement in your business - your website and your marketing. The importance of this objective is that it doesn’t take very long to implement a single idea, and with every small idea, you tend to build an waterfall effect on your entire business. Small ideas generate big results.

The ideas here are related to eMarketing - so they can relate to the following topics:

If you would like me to cover any specific topic, do let me know. Email me at vinai (at)  brandrich.com

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PS - For the twitter lover’s - here is what this blog about - in exactly 140 characters.
My blog is about providing online businesses with simple eMarketing tips that they can implement immediately & improve their marketing-Vinai