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Two key factors have the greatest effect on your search engine rankings.

1. How relevant and focused is your content to the searcher’s query

2. The quality and quantity of incoming links (that come from other web sites to your site)

Most popular search engines give a "vote of confidence" by looking at all the incoming links to your site. For example, if there are 2 web pages both providing similar content on the same topic, say "English Language Schools", which will be shown first in search results?

If the first page has hundreds of incoming links with the keyword "English Language Schools" appearing all over the web, and the other site hardly has any incoming links pointing to it, search engines like Google and Yahoo will give more "weight" to the one that is well linked, and show it first in search engines results.

This has lead web site owners scrambling to get incoming links from other sites. They try to setup reciprocal links - you link to me, I link to you, or they pay for links in directories, and forums for a short time period.

Many times, in the haste to get more incoming links, webmasters start getting links from "link farms", which exist solely to create links to each other, and even trade, or sell links. Unfortunately, Google and Yahoo snub on such practices, and may even ban your site for getting links from such link farms.

Others hire legitimate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms, who work to get the best possible link partners to get relevant links from. They may spend many days, weeks, months, and pay to other sites or exchange quality links from quality sites. These "link building firms" are a great way to get quality links and generate more traffic to your site.

However hiring SEO professionals to optimize your web site or building these link-building campaigns are expensive, and you may end up spending a few thousand dollars.

Most small businesses, sole proprietors, one-man-operations can’t afford the SEO professionals. So what do they do? Enter Article Marketing…

What is Article Marketing?

In article marketing, you write an article about your product, services, or general articles of use to your customers, clients, and users. Then you distribute this article to other web sites, article directories, ezines at no charge, for them to publish your useful article on their own web sites, ezines or blogs.

In return, you get to include a short bio and some links back to your web site in the "resource box" that appears at the end of your article. For example, look at the bottom of my article for the bio that appears on Ezine Articles Resource Box.

Article marketing has several benefits. It establishes you as an expert, helps in lead generation, creates increased site traffic and improves your search engine rankings. In fact, it’s so popular that there are software packages and beb sites available to help you syndicate your articles easily to hundreds and even thousands of other sites.

My Experience with Article Marketing

Last year, I wrote an article titled "10 Tips To Build, Manage And Profit From An E-Commerce Web site", and submitted it to a few article directories. The article proved to be extremely popular, and within the last year, it has appeared in hundreds of article directories, web sites, and ezines.

In fact, if you search for my article title on Google with the quotation marks, you will see over 2400 web sites where my article now appears.

That’s a lot of inbound quality links to my site. And it did not cost me a single dollar. Yes, it took a couple hours to write the article, but it was fun anyway.

Additional Benefits… Getting Published in Books & Magazines

Not only did I suddenly become the "e-commerce expert" in my city, I got enquiries from other parts of the world too. And recently, a book publisher approached me to include my article in a book of lists, helping small businessmen choose the right products & services for their business.

Of course I agreed, and early this year when the book appeared, I was featured as the E-commerce expert, with full links and my bio appearing at the end of my article in the book. I was now a published author… all because I wrote an article to educate my clients. Check out the book at The Small Business Book of Lists.

Tips for Writing Good Articles

Take this opportunity to establish yourself as an expert with Article Marketing. The best articles (the ones that get picked to be published in other web sites) are very tightly written, focused, easy to understand and helpful for your readers.

Don’t put too many links in the article, as they tend to distract people into clicking them, and lose focus of the article.

Further, focus on providing helpful advice, tips and resources. Don’t blatantly promote your products or services. You can leave subtle hints, but too much self-promotion is not good and may discredit you, diluting the whole purpose of doing article marketing.

Simple things like spell checking, grammar, punctuation, and tight editing help to take the article a long way…

Tips for Writing a Great Resource Box

The Resource Box is for lead generation and getting inbound links. Don’t go overboard to promote yourself here. Keep it short & simple. A good resource box provides your name, company name, a brief description of your products or services, and a link to your web site Don’t forget to link back to your web site.

Additional Resources For Your Article Marketing

Just searching on Google for "Article Directories" will give you hundreds of article directories to submit to. Searching for "article distribution service" will yield many submission services.

If you are looking for software to automate your article submission tasks, check out this article submission software which can help you submit to over 600 article directories easily.

In Conclusion

Article marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way to market yourself, your web site, generate good quality inbound links, and drive targeted traffic to your site. It helps in getting a high rank in search engines too!

The good thing is that you don’t require any HTML or scripting languages to do article marketing. Just get cracking and churn up a great article, submit it to multiple sites, and enjoy incoming links, higher rankings and increased traffic.

Keep focused, apply the strategies I mentioned and your profits will grow! If you need help, we are here to help . If you have questions or comments, you can post them on our blog too.

To your success…

Vinai Prakash
Managing Director , Brand Rich Marketing .

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Can I ask you question about article marketing? Is article submissions software work? Is it gonna raise a red flag to google for hundreds backlink at once.

Do you implement the article submissions software yourself and get the good result?


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