email marketing best practices

Email Marketing: The Smart Way To Attract Leads

Is it possible to build your brand through email and consistency? YES.
When a subscriber reads your email for the first time, you get two seconds of their attention. If your message grabs 5 minutes of their attention, you have a potential lead. Email marketing is an effective attraction marketing tool that gives a higher subscription […]

Why Email Marketing Generates Better Returns Than Print Ads

There are a many advantages of Email Marketing over advertising in magazines. I am listing a few of them here for you to review and decide for yourself. Let me know if you agree with them or not.

Longer copy: An email is much longer in size, and you can place as many photographs and product […]

How to Maintain Contact with Your Prospects Automatically

I am sure you get inquiries from all over the world - from your website, direct promotions, advertising, sales leads, and phone calls etc. all the time.
And if you are like me, you would have setup a good follow-up mechanism. I have ready made letters saved as drafts in my Outlook, for each of […]