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B2B vs B2C Email Marketing - What’s the difference?

Key Difference between B2B Email Marketing & B2C Email Marketing
An oft asked question in my email marketing seminars is - What’s the difference in B2B and B2C Email marketing?
Since this lack of understanding stems from the fact that we are both consumers at home and work, and businesses at the same time. Further, the fine […]

3 Things I Love About Email Marketing

Email Marketing Rocks - 3 Things I love about Email Marketing.
The first thing that I love about Email Marketing is its Speed. Email is instantaneous. The moment I send out a newsletter or promotional offer to my subscribers, I get to see the results. People start to open, read and respond to the email almost […]

Business Email Marketing Overview

Marketing your products and services by using email is fun, and profitable too. Today, Business Email Marketing is a serious business, netting millions to the ones who use it religiously, regularly, following the basic ground rules like the Bible.
Whether you market to businesses (B2B) or Consumers (B2C), you can effectively use email to increase your […]