Link Love - Don’t Underestimate Local Links

Most often, people keep seeking links from overseas directories or article directories and submit to hundreds of sites in the hope of getting a higher ranking in world wide results.
Surprisingly, most of their customers are from the city or state they live in. So why go all over the world to seek links from afar. […]

Click Fraud: Can it happen to you?

Beware Advertisers: Click Fraud is For Real
Like most businesses, when I was introduced to Google’s Pay-per-Click advertisement program called Google Adwords, I was overjoyed. No more advertising in costly magazines and journals which hardly generate any leads. Here I only pay when someone is eagerly and actively looking for my product or service.
Too good to […]

What Origin of Google got to do with Email Marketing?

Did you come to read what the origin of Google has got to do with Business Email Marketing?
I won’t keep you waiting. Nothing. That’s right. Nothing directly, but everything abouth the priciples of Email Marketing… Making your email newsletters interesting, so that they get opened, clicked, and get the visitors to view your website.
In case […]