Google Adwords

Strategy to target Gmail users with Adwords

Do you want more clicks, and more conversions from the Google Content Network?
Try one of the best converting sites on the Google Content Network -  Gmail. It has consistently proved itself for us and our clients.
Do note that there is a specific strategy to target Google Ads on the Content Network. You need to choose […]

How to Quantify the ROI of SEO?

How to Quantify the ROI of SEO?
Increasing over the past few weeks, as I made Search Engine Optimization presentation to prospective clients about optimizing their websites, most were impressed with our experience, our professionalism, and our esteemed client list. Most noticeably, they were keen to understand the kind of work that goes into optimizing and […]

Click Fraud: Can it happen to you?

Beware Advertisers: Click Fraud is For Real
Like most businesses, when I was introduced to Google’s Pay-per-Click advertisement program called Google Adwords, I was overjoyed. No more advertising in costly magazines and journals which hardly generate any leads. Here I only pay when someone is eagerly and actively looking for my product or service.
Too good to […]