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Link Love - Don’t Underestimate Local Links

Most often, people keep seeking links from overseas directories or article directories and submit to hundreds of sites in the hope of getting a higher ranking in world wide results.
Surprisingly, most of their customers are from the city or state they live in. So why go all over the world to seek links from afar. […]

Best Places to Get Incoming Links For Your Site

You probably know that to get a high ranking in search engines, you need great content, and lots of it. Most people don’t realize the other factors that search engines look to rank your site high in search engines.
The key other factors to rank your site is its link popularity. After all, if you have […]

Quick Success with Article Marketing

Two key factors have the greatest effect on your search engine rankings.
1. How relevant and focused is your content to the searcher’s query
2. The quality and quantity of incoming links (that come from other web sites to your site)
Most popular search engines give a "vote of confidence" by looking at all the […]