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Why Blogging is Critical For Growing Traffic?

Most companies are still not aware of this BIG SECRET.
Blogging is Critical to Grow Traffic to Your Company Website
That’s why I wrote a post last week about the Top Tips for Blogging for Business.
According to Studies done by Hubspot, 55% more website visitors come to companies that blog. This is a whopping  number of visitors […]

Link Love - Don’t Underestimate Local Links

Most often, people keep seeking links from overseas directories or article directories and submit to hundreds of sites in the hope of getting a higher ranking in world wide results.
Surprisingly, most of their customers are from the city or state they live in. So why go all over the world to seek links from afar. […]

Why not start a Blog?

Many of my clients and prospects consult with me on the creation and execution of their eMarketing Strategy blueprint. One of the tools I often suggest to them is to start a simple blog on their site.
The immediate reaction - Oh No! It won’t work for us. We only provide B2B Products or Services. This […]