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Click Fraud: Can it happen to you?

Beware Advertisers: Click Fraud is For Real
Like most businesses, when I was introduced to Google’s Pay-per-Click advertisement program called Google Adwords, I was overjoyed. No more advertising in costly magazines and journals which hardly generate any leads. Here I only pay when someone is eagerly and actively looking for my product or service.
Too good to […]

Understanding Broad Match Ads in Google Adwords

Vinai, since broad match gives me maximum coverage by using all possible combinations of my keywords, why would anyone need a exact match ad? - Sangeeta Kapur, India.
Sangeeta, Thanks for raising a very important topic. There is a lot of confusion about the different match types, and most new Google Adword users arn’t aware of […]

Quick Success with Article Marketing

Two key factors have the greatest effect on your search engine rankings.
1. How relevant and focused is your content to the searcher’s query
2. The quality and quantity of incoming links (that come from other web sites to your site)
Most popular search engines give a "vote of confidence" by looking at all the […]