Social Marketing Trends

Does Your Facebook Page Have a Custom Landing Page?

On your Admin settings of Facebook, you can choose the page that your facebook visitors will see first - when they arrive at your Facebook Page.
It could be your Facebook Wall, your Business Information or Other Pages such as a Customized Landing Page.
The most successful Facebook fan pages are the ones that have been customized. […]

Simple Ways To Boost Interaction With Your Facebook Fans

Most well known brands make engagement in Facebook look easy. Ever wondered how do they keep their fans engaged on their pages on a regular basis?
Here are some simple ways to boost interaction with your Facebook Fans:
1. Ask yes or no questions.
People are more likely to answer a “yes or no” question than one […]

Why Blogging is Critical For Growing Traffic?

Most companies are still not aware of this BIG SECRET.
Blogging is Critical to Grow Traffic to Your Company Website
That’s why I wrote a post last week about the Top Tips for Blogging for Business.
According to Studies done by Hubspot, 55% more website visitors come to companies that blog. This is a whopping  number of visitors […]