Social Media

The Google+ Project

And so begins another breakthrough from Google, the Google+ project.
Recently, Google has given Facebook a good reason to be scared. An interactive community believed to be larger and more than just a social product is on its way to introduce a different social networking scene. Though there may be obvious similarities, the Google+ project is […]

How To Optimize Your YouTube Video

Given that YouTube is by far the 2nd largest search engine, it makes sense to learn how to optimize your YouTube videos to your advantage. Here’s how:
Keyword Research
One useful step people tend to ignore when promoting their YouTube videos is keyword research. It is important to remember that understanding the competition will help make your […]

How To Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

Why do you need a Facebook Fan Page? Here’s why: Facebook is the second most visited website next to Google and the Facebook Fan Pages are public. This means that a Page gets indexed and is searchable inside and outside of Facebook.
Here are 5 great ways to promote your Fan Page and grow your Facebook […]