Cheapest Way to Stay in Touch with your Customers & Prospects


iPhones, iPads, Android machines, Tablet PCs, Facebook, Twitter, eMail… you seem to be busier than ever just trying to catch up with the thousands of things going on at the same time.

Direct contact with your customers and prospects, like talking face to face, picking the phone to talk to them is getting lesser by the day.

And it is getting more and more important to stay in touch with your customers, prospects… not only stay in touch, but stay at the top of their minds.

Sure you can’t visit them frequenty… too time consuming, and too expensive…

But there is a simple solution to this problem, and it helps you to stay in touch, and stay on top of their minds.

Using Email Intelligently

By using Email intelligently, you can let your prospects know about yo hour products, services, and that you care. And if you use Auto Responders - automated, pre-written letters or emails that get sent automatically, at pre determined intervals, or at fixed times.

The effect is magical. The prospect is amazed that you have actually taken the time to stay in touch, to remember their names, and to write a detailed email.

We have setup a simple yet effective Email Marketing Solution, which takes care of all this on its own…

Day 1: Prospect visits our site and requests for more information
It sends a “thank you for contacting us” email almost instantly. This inform the prospect that their enquiry was actually captured, and by when can they expect a response. We normally send a response within 1 business day.

Day 2: We respond with information, solution ideas, and a proposal
This is usually done face-to-face or after a video conference with the prospect using Skype or a voice call using a normal telephone. Then we send a detailed information by email or meet to present our proposal.

Day 3: Checking back with them for confirmation, questions
Then, 3 days later, the prospect gets a  “did you get our proposal or email? Questions?”.  We invite any questions they have. Another touch point. This is a highly personalized email, which makes it look like I really took 30 minutes to write a detailed email. And this goes out to atleast 7-10 prospects each day. I actually only wrote it once!

Day 7: Sending Proof of our Capabilities & How it Solved Other People’s problems
On the 7th day, we send a “Testimonial from a happy client”, explaining in detail how our solution helped them solve their problems, and how they achieved phenomenal ROI. It further establishes our brand, our reputation, and shows our commitment to quality.

Payback Day: Hitting the Jackpot by Ringing in the Sales
By the third or fourth message, they are so eager to do business with us, that we hardly have to do any selling. They are already sold!… just want to iron out a few details, and off to another new sale… without much effort.

Use Email Marketing Intelligently
With this approach, you can handle multiple enquiries, prospects and do not have to worry about missing or forgetting anything. Best of all, I can now breathe a sigh of relief, and actually go on a short vacation… knowing that our prospects and customers are still getting good quality communication that will keep them coming back to us.

This has also established me and our company Brand Rich as the email marketing experts in Singapore, although we have more clients coming from Australia, Hong Kong, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland and USA.

I guess you get the message.

Get Started on Email Marketing Today: You can do it too!
You can also start this auto-pilot email marketing with ease… that is, once you take the time to think through the process, what message to write at which occasion, and then actually write it, personalize it, and set it up to start sending emails…

Contact me if you would like to go into the specifics of the email marketing programs, or need a 1 on 1 consultation. We will help you build a solid email marketing engine for your  needs.

Vinai Prakash
Chief eMarketing Strategiest
Brand Rich LLP - Beach Road in Sunny Singapore
write to me at

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