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In the previous post, I mentioned the Types of Email Marketing Software, and gave you a couple of tools for getting you started with your online email marketing promotions, ezines or newsletters within minutes, thanks to the online, web based email marketing software.

Today, we look at Client Based Email Marketing Software Solutions. This kind of software means the pay once, use forever kind of model, where you buy the email marketing software upfront, and then use it on a site, or on a server, depending on the license bought.

You can send as much as you want, whenever you want, to as big a list as you want, and there is no extra charge. Of course the one time charge is usually hefty enough…, but if you don’t want to share your subscriber list or customer, prospects lists with anyone else on the web, this is the way to go.

Most of such client based software requires you to install it on your PC or on a server that can be accessed by yourself and others on the network.

One of the Best Client Based Email Marketing Software Solutions is listed below. I have used it extensively, and so my feedback is based on my own experience with this software.

Send Studio: This simple to use software is very user friendly, yet is quite flexible and trustworthy. Best of all, the support is great. They install the software for you, on your server, and then for the next whole year, you can get support anytime you get stuck. The developers are the ones who sell this software, so everyone understands the problems, issues and can provide solutions quickly and efficiently.

I bought this piece of software early last year, and have been using it religiously for over 12 of my clients, for their newsletters, and no problems at all. We can schedule newsletters, send them in batches, see who opened the email, who clicked on which link, and get all kinds of tracking and statistics from it instantly.

Setting a new e-newsletter or a promotional offer is simple with Send Studio. The What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) editor built in this email marketing software allows you to compose the promotion or newsletter without knowing HTML. And it comes with a few nice and professional looking email marketing templates to get you started with.

Here’s some information on the tool, from the Send Studio website:

Send Studio is PHP email marketing software that lets you create, send and track an unlimited number of email messages and autoresponders. Over 25,000 people are already using Send Studio to keep in touch with their subscribers.

Once installed on your web server you can say goodbye to clunky, outdated desktop applications (such as Outlook) and email your subscribers using Send Studio whenever you like from where ever you like using your favorite web browser.

SendStudio combines everything you need to start and manage a successful email newsletter campaign, including list management, bounce handling, fast automated sending and personalization. Click the link above to get a trial for free.

With time, I will introduce you to many more email marketing tools, some more sophisticated, and some simpler ones, for you to try and use in your email marketing campaigns, and reduce the headache of managing the list on your own.

A wold of caution though… Don’t get caught in selecting the tool, forever. The benefit is in sending the emails out… your own newsletter, your own promotions, so that you can generate some sales, get some leads, and build some brand loyalty and trust in yourself.

I have seen many people who spend ages “finding” the right software, and seasons pass. So don’t let this happen to you. Look at a few, evaluate them, but then choose one and get started in your journey to growth, with email marketing.

The fun is in email marketing, not evauating tool after tool. You can boost your bottom line with appropriate use of email for marketing. Go ahead, get started now!

In the next series of posts, I will introduce you to the heart and science of email marketing - writing killer subject lines.

Till then… adieu,

Vinai, Your Business Email Marketing Evangelist

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