How to send bulk email and bypass spam filters


How to send business email marketing messages that don’t end up in the Junk or Spam folders?

Relevant Business email ending in the Junk folder is the biggest headache of e-marketers and business owners. Their well crafted, time sensitive offers and promotions are never seen by their prospects and customers.

Not that they are not delivered… they are delivered, but end up in the wrong folder - the Junk or Spam folder, rendering all your efforts useless.

So what can you do to avoid the Spam folder?

Simple solution. Before you send the email, do a due diligence. Make sure you check that there are no keywords in the subject or body of the message that can trigger the spam filters to "dump" your email message.

These days, the SPAM filters are getting smarter. They look at your message, the occurance of individual words, their combination etc. And then, they award marks for anything that they think is a no-no - like all upper case words, any mention of Viagra, Casino, Free, Sales, Lottery, FREE prize, as well as adult words.

The best way is to take you HTML or Text message, and cut/paste into one of these tools, which will quickly tell you your spam rating. You can then edit your text, make substitutions on the fly, and resubmit, retest, until you get a clean message.

The first couple of times you do this, it will be an eye opener exercise. You will be amazed to see how harmless words in your marketing promotions can trigger the spam ratings and fail to get delivered.

So once you analyze, clean your message until you get a Zero, or a near zero. Now you have a clean message. Paste it back into your mailing list program, and off you go.

With this simple technique, you can increase your email newsletter deliverability.

The 2 tools that I can recommend are:
- Lyris Content Checker at
- Spam Analyze at

Both of these sites are free to use. So there’s no reason to not use them to your benefit, and increase your open rates, click rates too, by having increased delivery rates.

If you know of any other tools - free or paid ones, do let me know by commenting on the "Comment" link below.

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I have a problem about email marketing. I both use Group Mail (Infacta) and ADR ( ADR is mail remailer which supports Group Mail. For example, I sent my messages to 10.000 people at one time, for example, 2000 recipients come to “bad” folder of ADR which means that the email addresses are not correct…, 5000 have sent, 3000 in my outbox and generally couldn’t be sent. And I have to add 10.000 people’s email addresses on my “exclusion list” altough I didn’t send all of them to my message. I have only sent 5000 messages and it means that 3000 messages in my outbox are trash! Is there any program that it can exclude only my sent messages, not others. If you could kindly answer my question, I would be highly appreciated. Many thanks for your kind support. Best Regards. Dide Sencer -

I will do what u mention. Thanks for the useful info. Cheers!

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