3 Things I Love About Email Marketing


Email Marketing Rocks - 3 Things I love about Email Marketing.

The first thing that I love about Email Marketing is its Speed. Email is instantaneous. The moment I send out a newsletter or promotional offer to my subscribers, I get to see the results. People start to open, read and respond to the email almost immediately.

I used to wait for many days or weeks before I would see any response to my print promotions.

The second thing that I love about Email Marketing is its Reach. I have so many CEO, COO, business owners and senior executives on the list, and I have the power to reach them almost immediately, with every email newsletter I send out.

Previously, with print media, I could only hope that the secratary that opens the mail would keep the offer letter for the CEO to see. Now I have the confidence that my offer will be seen by the decision maker’s eyes only. Most senior executives still see their own email, and very few get a secratary to filter email. Long live the Blackberry!

The third thing that I love about Email Marketing is that I can Test what works and what does not. For example, I can test two different subject lines, and see which one gets a higher open rate, a higher click through rate.

Normally I send out a test newsletter to about 500 people, each with a different subject line. The one that gets opened more, is selected, and sent to the remaining list. This kind of testing gives us a winner, which results in a higher response rate from the entire list.

I couldn’t imagine to do this with print media. The amount of time required for testing, evaluating, gathering the response is enormous. On top of this, the cost of printing different brochures is simply not practical.

There you go. These are the top 3 reasons I love Email Marketing hands down!

You too can win with Email Marketing, whether you do B2B or B2C campaigns. Simply start using email to connect with your clients and prospects, and you will see an improvement in your business, your bottom line, and your confidence! Just remember not to spam anyone.

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