The Best Email Marketing Program I have Ever Used


Friends, I have used a gazallion of tools in the last 11 years of doing business email marketing. There’s hardly any tool out there that I haven’t tried or tested. That’s because I have been looking for a better product all the time.

After testing so many programs over the years, I can say that the best email marketing software in my eyes is SendStudio

This web based software can not only send and track, but it is easy to use. Most of my clients are extremely happy and it works like a breeze. Easy to learn, and easy to use. Once you schedule a newsletter, you can forget about it, and it will be delivered on time, perfertly.

Today, I am exited to share that the next version of this software called Send Studio NX is out now.

I asked the designers of Send Studio what’s new in this version, and they sent me a long, really long list. I just couldn’t believe it when I saw it.

I am posting the new features of Send Studio NX here, so that you can check it out yourself, and let me know if you would like to see any more features…. I could always request the developers.

General Features
- Language support (language files separate from php code)
- Templatized (html separate from php code)
- Server / User Timezone support
- Paging everywhere
- Change per-page results easily
- PHP Developer API
- Postgresql support
- Forgot password option
- Copy things (eg lists, newsletters, templates, autoresponders, forms)
- Built in templates (easy to add more)
- Only need to set up one cron job for scheduled sending, autoresponders and bounce processing, or they can be set up separately
- Reminder about cron setup. If it’s switched on it will show a message telling you it has been switched on, that message will disappear once a job runs successfully.
- See when a cron job will run. It will count down and give you an idea of when the next send will go out.
- Remember login details
- Built in tutorials
- context-sensitive help / tutorials
- New design
- Improved user-interface
- If you only have access to one mailing list, you are automatically taken to the next step in whatever process you are performing

- Bulk changes to list subscribers (change all to html/text, make them active/inactive)
- Copy lists
- Merge multiple lists into one list
- Save reply-to, bounce-address, bounce account information with a list
- Allow imap bounce account
- Allow extra mail settings to be saved per list (eg /notls or /nossl)
- Cron bounce processing if account information is available
- Bounce processing differentiates between types (hard, soft)

Custom Fields
- Associated with a mailing list not with a user (means sharing a list between user will show custom fields correctly)
- Can be associated with multiple lists at once
- New "radio button" type
- Better data checking when importing/subscribing

Manage Subscribers
- Search all of your lists at once
- Option to bypass filtering step
- Bulk changes (delete multiple at once, change them to html/text)
- Save different stages of subscribe. Eg subscribe request (time + ip address), subscribe confirm (time + ip address)
- Save different stages of unsubscribe. Eg unsubscribe request (time + ip address), unsubscribe confirm (time + ip address)
- Only show custom fields associated with the list a subscriber is on
- New "bounce" & "unsubscribe" status

Import Subscribers
- Import subscribe date
- Handle quotes around field names properly
- Much better reporting about import results (see duplicates, problems with data etc)
- Option to add subscribers to any autoresponders the list has

Banned Subscribers
- Global ban list (bans across all lists)
- Upload a file of email addresses to ban

- Bulk actions (make multiple newsletters active/inactive at once)
- Better attachment handling
- Save/Save & Exit buttons (can save as you are going)
- No need to refresh to upload a file or import from a url
- Check & warn about missing unsubscribe links
- Archives are an rss feed so easily changed and easily ported to an external website
- Choose whether to archive per newsletter

Sending Newsletters
- Can send to multiple lists at once (removes duplicates before it starts)
- A send through the popup can be paused, cron turned on, it will pick it up and continue the send & vice-versa
- Cron sending will create the queue just before it starts (so if you schedule in advance, new subscribers will be picked up and any unsubscribes will be removed before starting the process)
- Can embed images into an email
- Change character set / encoding for each send
- Cron sending can pick up "broken" or interrupted mailings
- Auto-optimizing of sends (database is automatically optimized before & after a send)
- Admin & user get notified if a user goes over per-month of max-emails limits

- Global templates
- Bulk actions (make multiple templates active/inactive global/not global at once)
- Save/Save & Exit buttons (can save as you are going)
- No need to refresh to upload a file or import from a url

- Bulk actions (make multiple autoresponders active/inactive at once)
- Save/Save & Exit buttons (can save as you are going)
- No need to refresh to upload a file or import from a url
- Option to add existing subscribers to the autoresponder
- Can embed images into an email
- Change character set / encoding for each autoresponder
- Better attachment handling
- Check & warn about missing unsubscribe links
- Only show custom fields associated with the autoresponders mailing list. Don’t let a user include custom fields that aren’t associated with the list

- Send-to-friend form (with appropriate stats)
- Better management for ordering custom fields / form options (move things around in an easier fashion)
- "subscribe form" can now be a "contact form".
- use appropriate smtp server details that are set (ie will pick up general settings or user settings)
- can send text & html parts of confirm/thanks emails
- modify details & send-to-friend can be customised within sendstudio (still can’t go on a website though)
- option to show/hide subscriber format choice
- Easier customising (form html is outside of code and easily edited)

- Better (more flexible) permissions
- Maximum emails (like "email credits"). These count down with each email sent
- Option to allow them to edit their own details
- Text/HTML footers which will get appended to the bottom of every email that user sends out
- Info tips can be turned on/off per user
- Give a user permission to specific templates
- Enable / disable a user easily

- Global Text/HTML footers which will get appended to the bottom of every email that the system sends out
- Default character set / encoding
- Max hourly rate. This is the maximum any send runs at, not the maximum across the whole system.
- Sending allowance flexibility
- Force an unsubscribe link to the bottom of newsletters & autoresponders
- Option to allow ips of subscribers to be tracked
- Set default system wide smtp server details

- Show more information (how many sent, how long it took, unique opens)
- Show open stats, link stats, bounce stats, forwarding stats, unsubscribe stats per newsletter or autoresponder
- Show trends in subscribes/unsubscribes per mailing list
- Show trends per user for their send history
- Show per domain information per mailing list (eg 50% are yahoo subscribers)

If you would like to try out the current version, download it. It comes with Free updates for a year anyway, and there’s no risk in trying it out. Grab SendStudio and have fun in doing business email marketing.

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Founder & CEO of Brand Rich Marketing , an email marketing & SEO company based in Singapore, South East Asia.

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