What Origin of Google got to do with Email Marketing?


Did you come to read what the origin of Google has got to do with Business Email Marketing?

I won’t keep you waiting. Nothing. That’s right. Nothing directly, but everything abouth the priciples of Email Marketing… Making your email newsletters interesting, so that they get opened, clicked, and get the visitors to view your website.

In case you are really interested to know, the word is originally based on Googol, meaning the largest number, which is the largest number with a 100 zeros after it. Meaning infinite in a way…

The creators of Google misspelled the name Googol, and tried to register the domain called google.com, which was available, and it was registered within hours of thinking up of the name. You can also read the full story of the origin of Google.

For your newsletters, it doesn’t have to be irrelevant, but still pique the reader’s interest, and they get interested to read the full story, or that interesting anecdote. Once they are hooked, they will read more, and in no time you have an interested reader looking up your offers, products, articles or Adsense ads, depending on what you have in your newsletter, or on the website.

So start thinking up interesting generating subject lines for your email marketing. To get you started, here’s a few that have increased my open rates.

1. Are you making these 5 mistakes in [Your Product]?
2. We’re throwing a party…
3. [Company] Newsletter - Our Predictions for 2006 Came True
4. [Newsletter name] - Bonus Report for Subscribers Only

Remember, it doesn’t have to be salesy or spammy, or at the slightest hint that it may be spam, the readers will delete, ignore, or simply unsubscribe. Worst, you could be accused of spamming.

So keep it interesting, simple and short. If you have any good subject lines to share with us, do post your comment below.

Vinai, Your Business Email Marketing Evangelist
Editor, Business Email Marketing Blog

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