Understanding Broad Match Ads in Google Adwords


Vinai, since broad match gives me maximum coverage by using all possible combinations of my keywords, why would anyone need a exact match ad? - Sangeeta Kapur, India.

Sangeeta, Thanks for raising a very important topic. There is a lot of confusion about the different match types, and most new Google Adword users arn’t aware of the 4 different types of ads that can be setup within Adwords. They merely start with the default option, which is the broad match.

Broad match is good for starters, when you don’t know what keywords your users are typing when searching for your products or services. This is because broad match ads will trigger for any partial match of your keywords.

Let’s say you offer web design , and you choose this broad term as your keyword. Now your ads will trigger whenever anyone searches for web design. But they will also trigger whenever anyone searches for web or design, in any order, as in spider web, graphic design, web marketing or book cover design. .

Your ads could also show for singular orplural forms and even synonyms. Showing your ad for so many different combinations could drive more traffic for your site, but it may not be your target market. So you will drive a lot of useless traffic that will drive up your costs. Remember, each click on your ad sends some cents to Google.

But doing a Broad Match for a few days, until you collect enough statistics of what keywords trigger your ads can be of help. With this statistics, you can then tweak the ads, add some negative keywords , remove some broad matches, or make them into phrase match keywords. This will bring you more targeted visitors, and your cost per click will decrease, while bringing good quality leads.

So use it with caution. It is not a "cure all" medicine. Take it with a pinch of salt.

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Thank you for such a clear explanation of using keyword match types in Google Adwords. GD.

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