Simple Ways To Boost Interaction With Your Facebook Fans


Most well known brands make engagement in Facebook look easy. Ever wondered how do they keep their fans engaged on their pages on a regular basis?

Here are some simple ways to boost interaction with your Facebook Fans:

1. Ask yes or no questions.
People are more likely to answer a “yes or no” question than one that requires a long explanation. Large percentage of questions have become pointless and is often ignored because fans have busy lives too. Keep it simple. Stick to a Yes or No. No middle ground.

2. Allow your Fans to Tag Photos
If you’re into training services, or if you happen to host an event for members, load the photos to your fan page and encourage fans to tag themselves. This will show up into their wall and  News Feeds, giving you instant free publicity. Photos always work. People always engage with photos!

3. Keep the freebies coming…

Who doesn’t like getting something for free? Your fans will love being rewarded. Freebies don’t necessary have to be delivered goods or coupons, it can be in the form of free content, short clips of a webinar, tips and tricks, anything that will have something of value to your fans. Go ahead, try it out.

4. Connect with other Fan pages.

Make it a regular habit to interact with other fanpages and drop valuable comments or opinions to build exposure and credibility. Note that you should use your Facebook fanpage account and not your profile account. To do this, log into Facebook and go to your fanpage. On the right side menu click on the link that says “Use Facebook as (your page’s name)”.

5. Ask timely questions - Which city are you going to this holiday season?

6. Pay attention to replies - Don’t start a conversation and then leave it. Always acknowledge every post and deepen the conversation.

How about you, how do you keep your fans engaged? If you have other strategies, do share them. You can post comments below.

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