Top 5 Tips on Blogging for Business


I wrote previously about starting a blog in 2008. Since then, a number of companies and most of our clients have setup their own blogs. But some of them have come back to me with question - that they are not getting much benefit from their blogs. That’s because they are missing out on some key ingredients that make a successful blog?  lyou getting the desired results from your blog?

If not, here are Top 5 Tips on Blogging for Business. Use them, and you will definetely see better results.

1. Create the Blog using Your Own Domain Name: Today, many blogging sites offer free blog setup - like at or So your blog could be called or

But the problem with this approach is that all the inbound links your blog gets actually help the ranking of these companies, not yours.

It is ideal to set your blog on your own domain - like or

This builds trust for your company, and your domain, and you benefit from all the link juice coming to your blog. And there is another domain that will get listed when people will search for your company’s products and services.

2. Blog For People and for the Search Engines: When you write on your blog - don’t overly focus on the search engines - write for humans.

Do note that every bolg post you write is another web page - another medium for people to search and find you.

So the more posts you have, the more chances of ranking on search engines, and these posts create traffic to your site, and improve your ranking in the search engines. See more at our Search Engine Optimization FAQ

3. Create Keyword Rich Links in the Blog Posts - Linking back to Specific Pages on your Website. These keyword rich links will add immence power and ranking  to your main site - driving more visitors. This is one of the key reasons why people blog - because it provides ways to optimize your site for search engines, and get keyword rich links back to their main website.

You can easily see the amount of traffic you get directly to your blog posts in your Analytics account. This alone can demonstrate the power of search engines in finding your content. So the more keyword rich it is, the more you and your site wins.

Recently, I have driven a lot of traffic to my site by providing keyword rich How-To Articles like:

4. Connect With Your Audience: You need to spend time with your audiencne - on and off the blog. Respond to commentors on your blog - ask them questions, and see how you can assist them in their problems.

You should also use Social Media Tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and provide avenues for your audience to connect with you.

See more on how to connect with How to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

5. Be Patient, Persistent & Consistent. Blogging for Business does not achieve results overnite. You need to keep at it for 2-3 times a week, for atleast 6 months before you will see any results.

You can track the gains using your Analytics - the amount of traffic generated on your site - to see which posts are popular, draw comments, and what is your audience really interested in.

In Conclusion

I admit that there is no no magic formula to blogging success. But if you take these 5 best practices, and do them consistently, you can surely expect better results from your business blogging activities. Blog on!

If you have any questions on how to make the most of your blog, please contact BrandRich today.

All the Best to your in your Business Blogging…

–Vinai Prakash
Senior Consultant, Brand Rich LLP
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