What is the Purpose of Your Website?


Why did you setup your own company website?

Is it because everyone else has one? Was it peer pressure, or just a whim?

I ask this question everytime I see an old, never updated company website that was last done by someone in 1998. It may even be hosted on an old Geocities or Tripod account, and half the links will not work.


Your website has a purpose
Its purpose is to inform your prospects, customers and visitors interested to know more about your company, about you, and your products among others. It is your obligation to provide this basic set of information, or else take down your site. Nothing is worse than having a poorly done or never updated site.

The Objective is not to just Generate Traffic
And for those who have been updating their sites regularly, this is nothing to rejoice about. Just because you keep it updated with news about you and your company does not mean that you’ve accomplished the task.

Many people gloat over the fact that they are receiving hundreds and thousands of visitors each and every day. Just driving traffic from the search engine by doing search engine optimization, or by running pay-per-click advertisements on the Google and Yahoo Search networks is not enough by itself…

Counting Visitors or Visits or …
How does it matter if you bring in thousand visitors, but they leave on the home page, or the landing page, or hit the back button just after landing? if all they did was to view 3 or 4 pages, and left within a minute or two on your site, what does it show?

Don’t just count the number of visitors. Make the visits of each visitor count.

Back to the Roots - Why does your website exist?
Think hard and see why your website exists - what is its primary motive? If you are a government institution, people may not be so interested in what the minister ate last, rather they are looking for information on government grants, information on schemes, benefits, telephone numbers, contact hours etc. Bring these things to the home page. Or at least make them easy to find, easy to navigate on the home page.

If you are a company, ensure that your site is easy to read, easy to navigate, provide helpful cues along the way, and cross link information so that it becomes easy to read, easy to find, and easy to absorb. Don’t write in the technical jargon if you are targeting consumers or the general public. Write in a simple language, and make it short and sweet.

Serve the site’s primary purpose first. Try to make those visits last longer, and add value to those visits. Mind numbing statistics programs like Google Analytics or WebTrends provide some much information, and even more is buried in the Raw server logs. But don’t spend all your time viewing the beautiful charts and graphs, rather act on the information, and ensure that site provides the service that the visitor expects of it - of providing value, of providing information - easily, quickly, and effectively.

Gerry McGovern goes one step ahead to say that most people are measuring the wrong things in the first place and have unreliable metrics management. I couldn’t agree more.

Don’t let your websites be cursed by your audience. Make them a nice place to be around. It’s not that hard…

Vinai Prakash
Web Marketing Consultant
Brand Rich Marketing, Singapore
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really useful post! I have actually several websites, which I haven’t updated for years and they’re just gathering dust, so to speak.
I do use analytics and I just love it - especially the keywords part and the exit pages. I monitor this information frequently for a few sites and then adjust my keywords (strangely I had visitors coming from a keyword “disadvantages of something”, which I didn’t like at all, because my site was about the advantages, so I rewrote the page. And I also try to improve the pages, which show up as exit pages - obviously they are lacking something, if these pages make the people to leave my website.
Keep up the good work!

Greetings from Estonia,


If executed properly, your website should be a confident piece of marketing material in which to attract and ensure you are associated by.

As mentioned, aside from traffic, it is useful you add value to anyone that visits the site; i.e. ensure in some way people walk away having taken something away.

Your Article Help me lot , i follow your few point and implemented in my blog and i can see trafic visiting for long time .
Thanks for Sharing .

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