Why Blogging is Critical For Growing Traffic?


Most companies are still not aware of this BIG SECRET.

Blogging is Critical to Grow Traffic to Your Company Website

That’s why I wrote a post last week about the Top Tips for Blogging for Business.

According to Studies done by Hubspot, 55% more website visitors come to companies that blog. This is a whopping  number of visitors and potential leads that you are missing - for not having a Business Blog.

55% More Visitors for Blogging Companies

Further, for companies that blog, they are also able to garner 97% more inbound links than companies that don’t.

This means that the amount of traffic you are getting is probably half of what your competitors are getting (provided they are blogging on their websites).

More Inbound Links for Blogging Companies

Lastly, companies that blog generate an average of 434% more Indexed Pages over their non-blogging competitors. This means that the amount of traffic they get is far superior, because they have hundreds of indexed pages through the blogs, which you don’t have.

More Indexed Pages for Blogging Companies

Pretty Amazing Huh?

Well, stop dreaming… Get started in setting up a Blog, or Contact BrandRich to setup your Company Blog. We assist companies and individuals in setting a WordPress, or any other Blogging Platform on your website.

We can also show you how to blog effectively, and how to generate a huge amount of traffic from your website.

Vinai Prakash
Brand Rich LLP - Helping you Getting found in the Search Engines

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