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Many of my clients and prospects consult with me on the creation and execution of their eMarketing Strategy blueprint. One of the tools I often suggest to them is to start a simple blog on their site.Blog

The immediate reaction - Oh No! It won’t work for us. We only provide B2B Products or Services. This is not something that is practical or feasible.

Reasons for Not Blogging
Other reasons can be - There’s no time to blog, there’s no one to blog, our CEO won’t have the time to blog, we are not sure what to blog about, we are not interested in such frivolous acts and the classic - No one in our industry is doing it.

Well, if no body is doing it in the industry, why not be the first to get started on this simple and effective medium and show to your customers and prospects that you can be a thought leader - the one who thinks ahead, and leads the industry, and cares about your customers.

Topics to Blog about?
In terms of topics - you can talk about industry trends, the new products or services being offered by your company, the current economic situation and how you can help your customers, offer support and answer basic questions asked by the clients and prospects all the time, and create awareness.

Finding the Time to Blog
In terms of time - yes, it does take a bit of time to do the posting, but it is not much - a few minutes, to an hour a week… Problogger offers a suggestion to batch write the blog posts - 3 to 5 at one go, and then release them over a week, or several weeks.

Anyone in the company can write the blog
It does not always have to be the CEO - Although some popular blogs are written by CEOs like Jonathan Schwartz. But most are written by marketing departments, people in Customer Services, Product Development, or even Sales. If you absolutely don’t have the time or resource to do blogging for you - you can always find inexpensive ghost writers at Elance.com or GetAFreelancer.com for a few bucks.

List of a few blogs written by CEOs.

1. Jonathan Schwartz (President & CEO, Sun Microsystems)
2. Craig Newmark (CEO, Craig’s List)
3. Mark Cuban (Owner, Dallas Mavericks)
4. Alan Meckler (CEO, Jupiter Media)
5. Kevin Lynch (Chief Software Architect, Adobe)

What to write about
This is the most important aspect of writing a blog - don’t start the blog just for the sake of writing. Your blog must have the top 6 ingredients of a good blog, as per Seth Godin, the marketing guru.

But you might not get all of it right when you first start blogging. The important thing is to get started, and start writing. Your writing, your thought process, and your reader’s comments and criticism will shape your blog over a period of time.

There are enormous benefits of having a Blog

  1. You show to the customers and prospects that you are listening to them, and are willing to share what’s happening in the company, and what’s coming in the future.
  2. You showcase your thought leadership in your industry.
  3. You generate a lot of links for your website - which helps in getting a high ranking in search engines. Many people blog for the sole purpose of generating links, and improving their ranking in organic search results. Search engines love new content, and come to visit your site often, and index more pages.
  4. People find a way to interact with you through your blog - they can leave comments, and offer suggestions to you, which may not be possible through the normal website, or may not be easy enough.
  5. A blog gives you a competitive edge. This is a great way to differentiate from the ordinary competitors, and show your expertise. Other may be doing the same things as you do, but if you are the first one to educate the prospect, show them your detailed process, and interact with them, you are treated as the thought leader, the one with the knowledge, expertise and oomph.

Setting a Blog
It is easy to setup and configure a blog on your website. Your IT people should be able to do it quickly. Or you can seek professional help from us - we have got very non IT people to blog - for example Doctors. One of our blogging clients is an Aesthetic Surgeon, who blogs about Aesthetics, Beauty and Wine on her Joie De Vivre blog. We can setup your blog in a day…

Using a Blog as one of the bullets in your eMarketing strategy is a sure fire way to get things started with a bang. Be seen as a thought leader, network with clients and prospects, and learn a new medium you will fall in love with - Start Blogging now!

Building your eMarketing Strategy

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Great post on blog. Everybody has to write blog. Though you do not get traffic instantly but it gives. You may not track blog traffic to your site but blog gives the brand to your site.

Great post, I just started blogging myself. Thanks for the ideas on topics, I will bookmark this one.
David Thomas

Blogs are a great medium to demonstrate the degree of expertise you possess in your line / field of business. You get to openly chat with like minded people and you may even get to meet new people. Also, it can be a way of you chatting with people in your field that you may not have ever expected meeting.

Long term, if you work on it, blogging can work as a means to generate interest and traffic to your brand / website.

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