MySpace, who moved your cheese?


On the internet-addicted world, trends come and go. There will always be something new, better, bigger and people will always flock to whatever is popular at the moment. Right now, is where it’s happening. What in the world happened to MySpace? For a long time, Myspace was a top dog in the social media and at one point; people were referring to MySpace as a potential Google killer. Apparently it appears that the tide has definitely changed when Facebook entered the picture.

I myself am a MySpacer for 4 long years and I must say the relationship was good while it lasted. I’m still there, but I hardly check it since my page has died out with the spammers and has gotten quite a few interesting group requests such as How-To-Become-a-Myspace Spammer-and-Still-Look-Legit.

Personally I don’t think MySpace is vanishing at all although they have reached their peak some time ago. Just like YouTube, I remember MySpace being a place for local bands to break out in the internet community. Starlets and nobodies became popular because that is where the young generation is spending their time. It may be true that nowadays famous celebrities are going over to Twitter and Facebook, but independent bands and such are staying over on MySpace.

In fairness to MySpace, it was, once upon a time, a worldwide phenomenon. Just hang in there, MySpace.

Now it’s interesting to realize how big MySpace was and how quickly Facebook took over.

More and more internet users bid goodbye to their Myspace profiles every day, and join the Facebook trend. It’s safe to say then that people are most likely to use the social tool that all of their friends are using. As Danah Boyd puts it, “Social technologies succeed when they fit into the social lives and practices of those who engage with the technology.” Even my computer illiterate mom now owns a HUGE plantation that is located on FaceBook’s FarmVille.

From a marketing point of view, I guess MySpace receives lesser attention because it’s not the newest thing out there anymore.

Another thing is that Facebook got teens, parents, yound adult crowd, adults and grandparents. Simply put, Facebook seems to appeal to everyone. On the other hand, MySpace was always marketed as a youngster type site that most adults weren’t interested in.

Then with Facebook along came their advanced privacy settings, clean interface, closed social networks and the many personal and business applications. These developments make Facebook an even more useful site.

Final thoughts: The battle between MySpace and Facebook is another manifestation that businesses indeed come and go. It may also serve as a lesson for businesses to not get too big for their own good and to always embrace innovation and differentiation.

These days in light of our incredibly fast changing internet-addicted world there will always be something that doesn’t work or won’t work anymore.

Oh it’s such a competitive world… I want to live in the sea.

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Can find out you still cant leave myspace aside. That true that facebook become a new market place for business to target even facebook do have lot of application which allow business to share and do more marketing way and interact with customers. Let think of it, got like application, share application, tag application, allow share video, photo and posting. Allow to share your blog, allow you to create new tab. These are all marketing ways to help your business. Unless Myspace do create new interface with specific application for business as well.

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