The Google+ Project


And so begins another breakthrough from Google, the Google+ project.
Recently, Google has given Facebook a good reason to be scared. An interactive community believed to be larger and more than just a social product is on its way to introduce a different social networking scene. Though there may be obvious similarities, the Google+ project is believed to correct the flaws of Facebook’s privacy options.

What’s the lure of Google+ Project?

The 3 features Google+ project highlighted were: +Circles, +Hangouts, +Sparks.

1. +Circles: I love this feature. Basically it allows us to categorize friends accordingly thus sharing things would be more targeted and with less stage fright. Facebook is already doing this through customization of photo settings, status, etc but the process is very time consuming. Watch how +Circles makes sharing a lot friendlier.

Explore +Circles:Video

+Circles: share what matters, with the people who matter most
Not all relationships are created equal. So in life we share one thing with college buddies, another with parents, and almost nothing with our boss. The problem is that today’s online services turn friendship into fast food—wrapping everyone in “friend” paper—and sharing really suffers.

2.  +Hangouts: This is my favorite feature among the three. A feature that allows you to have a video conference with friends, not just one but maaaany friends who are online at the moment. You can also watch a YouTube clip, and everybody in the Hangout can watch it together while talking about it.  Large on-screen gatherings are so exciting!

Explore +Hangouts: Video

+Hangouts: stop by and say hello, face-to-face-to-face
Whether it’s inside a pub or on a front porch, human beings have always enjoyed hanging out. And why not? It’s how we unwind, recharge, and spend unscheduled time with old and new friends alike. Hanging out is deceptively simple though, and the nuance gets lost online.

3. +Sparks: Simply put, the +Sparks feature is an online sharing engine. It will feed you highly contagious content based on your interests. Simply decide which topics appeal to you or strike your fancy and Google goes out and search the web to feed you links, blog posts and videos you’ll care about most.

Explore +Sparks

So what do you think? Does Google+ Project have an undeniable potential to kill Facebook? (or am I expecting too much)

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Sooo very happy that they have opened up Google + Pages for businesses finally. However, how do you think this will effect business? Will it be as good as FB pages or the Places that Google already has? I guess time will only tell.

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