Color me Red on Chinese New Year.


Chinese New Year (CNY) comes like Christmas. Among all the traditional Chinese festivals, the CNY is perhaps the most elaborate, highly anticipated, colorful, and significant. A Chinese friend of mine told me that more than any other holiday, their New Year stressed the importance of strong family ties and harmony. The thing that intrigues me most is the fact that Chinese New Year brings a huge promise of blessing and GOOD LUCK.

But if my memory serves me well, I don’t have a Chinese mix from roots to tips. How should a non-Chinese like me celebrate the Chinese New Year to bring in some luck?

I stumbled across some interesting tips on how to welcome the Chinese New Year promise of prosperity, longevity, and happiness:

1. Long Noodles - I knew it! Serve long noodles for dinner, the longer the better (for long life!)
2. Color Me Red - dressing in red brings luck associated to love. Wow color is vibration!
3. Keep it Clean - clean up dirt of the old year from the house to make way for the new year
4. Goodbye oldies, hello newbies - throw away old items that are not in use anymore or you may donate them to charity
5. Happy Vibes - lastly, treat yourself for a fun and happy event to keep the positive energy coming

There goes my to-do list for tomorrow’s Chinese New Year. Let’s enliven the festive mood and see you around, Rabbit!

Go ahead… make your own To Do List for this CNY… And if you have forgotten the new year resolutions you made just a month ago, now is the time to take these holidays and renew them once again.

Probably you could take this time to make a Marketing Plan for your business… after all, marketing never hurts… and implementing it could bring in more orders, more dough, and more success…

Go ahead… attract the Luck into your life, and usher into the year of the Rabbit!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Breachelle, Vinai and the entire Brand Rich Marketing Team

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