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Over the years at Brand Rich, I have tried many different hosting solutions from cheap web hosting to premium dedicated hostings to virtual private servers (VPS Hosting). Some were lousy, and some turned out be quite good. Some are expensive and some are dirt cheap.

Looking back, the hosting solutions that have stayed with me have been cheap, yet very good…

Let me share some good web hosting companies and cheap hosting solutions with you.

1. GoDaddy - which has recently opened a data centre in Singapore.

2. HostGator - which has been cheap, gives loads of space, the service is fast (with an online 24/7 live chat support), and a great hosting experience. HostGator however have servers in the USA only.

I prefer HostGator’s cheaper hosting solutions, because they give us exceptional support, unlimited bandwidth, a huge hard drive, and daily backups of our data - all at a great price. We can host multiple domains, and it benefits our customers.  Most important is the support that really matters when you need it the most.

Check them out if you are looking for a really Good and cheap web hosting in Singapore or anywhere else.

Vinai Prakash
Chief eMarketing Strategiest at Brand Rich - the top eMarketing company in Singapore.
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