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Website with Content Management System (CMS)

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you ( the user ) to edit the content of your website easily, on your own, and from anywhere.

A CMS system usually provides you with an WYSIWYG editor - meaning - what you see is what you get. You see the content changes on the spot, as soon as you save the page.

With this, you can turn into your own content publisher... just like being a blogger.

Benefits of a CMS:

  1. Fresh, Up-to-date content: You are in Control now. No need to get the IT department, or the Website Designer to make changes to the website. You can make the changes yourself at any time. This gets your fresh, up-to-date content on the website faster, and search engines can spider it quickly too.
  2.  Fast, effective, saves a lot of time in communication.
  3. Configurable Access : You can control who can add, edit, delete content, create new pages, etc. You can even have roles of Creator, Approver etc. to have a fine control over the content creation plan.
  4. Higher Security: Different People have different access to the system, and it can track who made what change to the site, at what time.
  5. Content is stored in a database: Therefore, it is much easier to change the website design, without affecting the content. So you can have more changes to the website, without worrying about the content placement again and again.

There are many other benefits of having a Content Management System Website.

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At BrandRich, we solely focus on creating websites that add value to your business, reduce the time to market, make it easier to update your website, and have a great user experience.

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