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FAQ about Search Engine Marketing or (Pay-per-Click) Advertising

Q - Why should I pay the search engines to show my listing? I thought that the search engines like Google are free to use?

A- You are 100% right.  It is absolutely free to use Google to search for just about anything.  However, pay-per-click advertising enables your company to get listed on the top position of major search engines such as Google or Yahoo.  This is specially useful if your site does not rank naturally in the search engines for your key phrase, within the top 2 or 3 pages. 

It is essential that your company gets listed at or near the top to drive traffic to your site. Many surveys of internet users have concluded that an average internet user scrolls through only 1.8 result pages during a search on Google. 

Q - What if I don't get any leads from these advertisements?

A-  If your company name or brand name is not known widely in your target market, a lot of window shoppers, onlookers and curious buyers will click on your ad. However, since you do not have their trust yet, they may not spend much time or buy in their first visit to your site.

You need to have a long term view for marketing. PPC ads are only a way to bring visitors to your website. Once they reach your website, you also need to have enough moolah or stickiness factors to attract, and retain the visitors to your site.

You might have to study your site statistics to analyze what the visitors are doing on your site, how they enter, when they exit, which pages are visited more often, and which pages do they spend the most time on. Then organize the site based on your findings.

Many times, a thorough study of the Landing Page, and the entire website is required to understand the customer behaviour, and make appropriate changes to have a higher conversion rate, and show a positive return on investment (ROI for SEM).

A performance report will be generated, which provides important statistics regarding the performance of your ad and your landing page.  If you are not getting any leads, changes will be made to the keywords and phrases chosen, the landing page, and maybe the entire website.  You have to be prepared to make PPC succeed for your website in the long run...

 Q - What happens to my ads if the daily limit is met before the end of the day?


A – Once your daily limit has been met, your ad will stop appearing for that particular day. However, if you meet your daily spending limit almost every day, and well before the day ends, we will alert you, and recommend you to increase the limit, if you are able to generate sufficient enquiries, leads, and can justify the ROI.


Q - Can I stop the ads anytime, or is there any minimum contract period.


A- Yes.  There is no minimum contract period or time commitment.  You can terminate your ads anytime you wish. 


Q - What if my competitors click on my ads every day?


A- Don’t worry.  Google has in place advanced filtering and monitoring techniques that detects invalid clicks.  In addition, the Google Team uses specialized techniques to determine invalid clicks.  You will not be charged for invalid clicks. 


Q - Do I pay Google or do I pay you?


 A- You pay us and we will manage your pay-per-click account for you.  We will manage your budget effectively so that your ad appears at the right place, at the right time and at the lowest possible cost. We use real time reporting tools that provide us with relevant statistics about the success of your ad which then allows us to make any necessary adjustment to your ad in order to increase its success rate.


Q - How much do you charge for managing my PPC account?


A - We operate on a extremely transparent model. The amount spent on buying clicks from Google or Yahoo! is clearly available to you at any time. In fact, you can login to the account, and view your current spend. We charge a flat fee on a monthly basis for managing your pay per click account. This ad management fee is not tied to your ad spend.


So irrespective of whether you spend $300 a month or $3000 a month buying clicks, you only pay a fixed fee to us. This way there is no incentive for us to make you spend more with Google or Yahoo!, as we don't earn commissions or cuts from the search engines for getting you to spend more.


In almost all cases when we take over a self managed PPC account, or an account that was previously managed by another Search Engine Marketing agency, we are able to generate atleast a  20% savings on  ad spend by cleverly bidding for the right keywords and at the most appropriate positions.


Contact us if you would like us to manage your PPC campaign for you.


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