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SEO FAQ - How to Rank Higher on Search Engines


  1. SEO and Keyword Research
  2. Is it possible to rank for a huge list of keywords?
  3. How do I submit my new site to Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.?
  4. Do I need a high PageRank for SEO?
  5. Does Google hate SEO?
  6. White hat Seo Vs Black hat Seo
  7. What if I just use automated SEO plug ins?

1. SEO and Keyword Research

A large amount of your success will be highly dependent on how well you did your keyword research. If your site is targeting the wrong set of keywords, your target market may not be able to find you, resulting in lost leads and money.

For example if you want to rank for "Copywriters in Singapore" Our keyword research might show that the phrase  "Copywriters in Singapore" is never searched for. Instead "Singapore copywriters" is searched 500 times a day.

Apparently we will suggest to use and optimize the keyword phrase "Singapore copywriters"


2. Is it possible to rank for a huge list of keywords? (as in everything?)

One big way in which search engines are granting importance to web pages are based on how many other sites are linking to it.

If you are Jeff Bezos and your site is Amazon you probably can. For websites that cater to specific markets, preferences must be set. You have to determine a few main keywords and prioritize them. Your main keywords are the most popular and profitable ones.

The initial idea of keyword research can be daunting and the trick is to start slowly and brainstorm all the potential keywords related to your product. Think as if you're a customer and what are the possible terms, phrases you will use to search for the product.

How many target keywords should you focus on?

Instead of going for a broad approach, you may want to choose just a handful of keyword phrases to start with.


3. How do I submit my new site to Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.?

These days, you don’t necessarily have to submit new sites to search engines. You just link to them from already indexed sites, you ping them via blog posts or you can submit an XML sitemap.


4. Do I need a high PageRank for SEO?

Toolbar PageRank (the green bar in your Google toolbar) is not a prerequisite. You need internal PageRank for your site to get indexed.

PageRank is actually one of the essential elements that Google uses to determine the relevance of your website content. Apparently, the higher your PageRank, the more authority you have in the eyes of Google. Bu this is not where website ranking ends. Google’s page rank is merely a tool used to assess how many times a web site page has been linked to other websites.

5. Does Google hate SEO?

No, Google even offers SEO tools and advice. It’s an old myth that Google fight SEOs. Google will tell you exactly how they want your site to be, in order for them to consider it high quality. If you are looking for traffic from Google but your site is not ranking, there’s every reason to follow Google's guidelines as strictly as possible.

And Yes, Google hate Black hat SEO.

6. White hat Seo Vs Black hat Seo

White hat is used to describe SEO techniques that are within the guidelines of search engines while black hat (also known as spamdexing) pertains to unethical activities and operations to achieve top ranks (usually short-lived).

Some black hat techniques involve:

  • Mirror Sites
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Scraper Sites

Black hat typically involve some form of deception.


7. What if I just use automated plugins for SEO?

You can but it’s not enough.
These days, most modern Content Management System such as wordpress and other blog softwares have built in technical SEO capabilities. To outrank others who use mostly SEO friendly software as well you have to stick out.


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