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Singapore SEO Services - Getting Your Site To Rank Higher

A Basic Website is Not Enough to Generate New Leads:

You have listed your products and services on the web. And now you are waiting for customers to arrive.... Been waiting for long?

Just having a website is not enough anymore. People looking for information on your products or services should be able to find it also. You need to ensure that your website contains the information that people are eagerly looking for.

With billions of pages on the Internet, millions of competing products, how are you customers going to find you? How are you going to emerge from a plethora of competitors, all vying for the same prospects and customers.

If your website is listed on the 100th page while searching for your product in popular search engines like Google or Yahoo, no one will find it. The fact is, most people don`t go past the second or third page of search results. If you are not in the top few pages, you don`t get to grab a piece of the pie... But do not despair. Help is at hand.

Fortunately, there is a way to get a higher search engine ranking. It is done through Search Engine Optimization. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can generate more leads, more sales and more revenue from your website.

Search Engine Optimization Explained

Search engine optimization (SEO) consists of tweaking the pages of your website, so that when someone searches for your products or services in search engines, they will be able to see your pages first, because the search engines assume that you have the right content on your site, and best fit the needs of the information seeker.

Keywords people search for

To perform SEO, we first need to identify the keywords that people would use to find your products or services. Once we identify the keywords, we analyze the traffic for these terms, the current competition, and then shortlist the best keywords that would bring visitors to your website.

Then we tweak the content of your website with the most appropriate title, keywords, and copy writing so that your target keywords appear a few times naturally in your web copy and articles.

Site Submission

Once the site is optimized with the right words, the sites is submitted to the major search engines manually, so that the search engines crawl your site and index it. All of the above is called Onsite SEO, which is tweaking the website content with the right keywords.

Off-Page Marketing

Search engine optimization also requires some off-page marketing. What this means is to get other websites to link to your site. Search engines place a higher weightage on your site if a number of other sites link to you. The criteria is that you must be having good content for others to link to you, otherwise they wouldn`t bother linking.

Inbound Linking So the next step is to generate Inbound links from other, higher ranking sites to your site. This is a very important task and must be done very carefully, very painstakingly. But the rewards are tremendous.

Once a few good quality sites link to you, and you have already tweaked your website with the most appropriate keywords, people will be able to find your site easily, through search engines, as your site will be among the top few pages of a search.

Search Engine Optimization Services

At Brand Rich, we have been providing both on-page as well as off-page Search Engine Optimization to small and medium businesses. We also provide web design services and email marketing. The result is that today our clients are enjoying a higher ranking in search engines, and are generating more leads and more revenue because of it.

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