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Targeted marketing gains a big prospects database

Recently I attended the National Physiotherapy Congress in Singapore, where one of our clients was launching their web site. The web site became the main attraction of the exhibition, as the clients offered attractive prizes to those who registered on the spot.

I had never seen a queue to register before. It was amazing. The clients had all their time and attention to showcase their products while they waited. The people just kept gazing at the prizes - all products of the company. Further, it was announced at the conference a few times that the client was giving away prizes for those who registered.

For every one who registered, it was another contact added to the client's customer database. Another prospect to send promotions to, and make more sales. All the prospects were from the target market - people who used physiotherapy products, and were related to physiotherapy in some way or the other.

I commended the client's for their excellent method of marketing. With a small booth, and a few of their own products giveaways, they gained a huge marketing database, and lots and lots of publicity for their products, and their company.

Marketing should be like that - the more bang for the buck, the better. Remember, marketing doesn't have to be costly. There are literally hundreds of ways to market your products.

Go out and experiment. Learn what works and what doesn't. And do it on the cheap.

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