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Warranty Management System

The Warranty Management System is a web based application that can be accessed by the public on the Internet. Typically, a link is placed from your website to the Warranty Management System.

How does it work?

Once on the site, new customers can key in their particulars, the product purchase date, model number, outlet details and key in the serial number of the product. An instant warranty registration confirmation is given to the customer, along with thanking them for making the purchase. Contact us to know more about the Warranty Management System.

A Warranty Certificate can also be printed by the customer for their records. A system generated warranty registration number is printed on the certificate, along with the purchase and warranty validity dates.

Other Useful Information on WMS

Information about claiming warranty, what to do in case of product break-down or product malfunction is given in detail.

The list of all offices and service stations where the warranty can be claimed are listed on the site.

Who can use the Warranty Management System?

Any company, manufacturer, or retailer who wishes to keep track of their sales, and offering value added services, warranty etc. can benefit from this system.

Technical Specifications for the Warranty Tracking System

  • Application can be written using ASP, .NET or PHP
  • Database can be MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or an Access database
  • Space Requirements: Depending on the data. Typically starts from 500MB of space for storing warranty and customer data, backups, and administrative details.

Access to the System

The company gets a secure login to connect to the online Warranty Management System, which allows them to see the newly keyed in Warranty Details. They can key in any serial number, and check if the product is under warranty, when and where was it purchased, and the customer's personal particulars captured at the point of warranty registration.

The access to the system is restricted for the counter staff, and managers, supervisors and senior staff also get to view and generate detailed reports on the number of warranty certificates registered, printed, claimed in any period.

BENEFITS of the Warranty Management System

  1. Single comprehensive database for all products sold.
  2. Management reporting for the number of products registered under each product category.
  3. Detailed reporting of Warranty Claims by outlet, product types, etc.
  4. In the event of any product recall, this database acts as a quick reference for all the customers, who can be contacted for replacement or notifications.

How long does it take to create the Warranty Management System from scratch?

A simple warranty management system can be created within 4-6 weeks. A more complex system with additional functionality would require about 2-3 months to get the system implemented.

How to Get Started?

If you would like to get a Custom Designed Warranty Management System created for your products and services, do contact us to study your requirements, and  provide you with a quotation. Email to info(at) or call us at (65) 9877-3485.